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The Lineal Descendents of George Washington Leathem of Philadelphia, PA


Compiled from the notes of Carl Hubler; George, Edward and Michael Leathem - Illustrated by T.M. Leathem - 6/22/05

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George Washington Leathem was born in Delaware but came with his family to Philadelphia where he married a young English woman, Elmira Young.  Together, they had four children.  He was a long-time employee of the Baldwin Locomotive Company.  He and other family members now rest in the historic Palmer Burial Ground in Philadelphia which dates back to 1732.  His son George was a police officer in the Philadelphia Department and, again, later served as a voluteer police officer in Mt. Ephraim, NJ.  Some of his descendents now live across the Delaware River in Southern New Jersey.  Others have gone as far West as Washington State and south to Florida.