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Spinng and Weaving - Robert M. Pennie (1883)

Please join us in an effort to establish a working resource for child and adult alike who wish to know more about their name, its heritage and where others in our extended family live. Your correspondence and family genealogy will be of greatest value as we attempt to share information that has often been lost or misplaced over the generations. If you are already active in this regard, we need contacts willing to serve as focal points for inquiries and assemble the data we hope to be able to display on this site in the future. We also need ideas and suggestions on how to make this site more useful to others.

As you already know, there are not that many of us but that need not mean that our efforts are not worthwhile. A few years back, my brother phoned me asking if I could help his son, my nephew, with a class project that involved a family tree. It was too easy to say yes. Where you agree that this is worth the effort we would appreciate hearing from you.


Michael Leathem Site Editor tmleathem@gmail.com
Steven Leathem Webmaster leathem@gmail.com


Many people have been kind enough to supply information, images, data and time to make this website possible. We gratefully acknowledge their contributions. They include: Ruth Brezniak, Wendy Grant, G. Healey, Carl Hubler, Mary Kirkpatrick, Noel Lavery, Barbara Leatham, Bill Leathem, Brian Leathem, Denise Leathem, Larry Leathem, Steven Leathem, Anna Morris, Pat Nelson, Alan Pinkerton, Marie Van Deusen and others.

Last Modified:  May 18, 2019